Establishing Organized Back-to-School Routines


Start the academic year off stress free with these back-to-school organization tips! Display a household master calendar. Discuss it with your child each day. Not only will this help with mastering the ideas of time and time management, but knowing what is coming up reduces stress for everyone. Color code school events, sports, doctor appointments, play dates, etc. Set up a designated homework area. Having a quiet place to work with school supplies at the ready will set your child up for successful homework completion. Place lined paper, a stapler, ruler, timer, index cards, and other tools in a bin. [...]

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Organizing Your Child’s Powerful Paperwork


When your child has a disability, all of the additional responsibilities required can be overwhelming. The amount of documents your child accumulates is massive, and it can be easy to just put the progress reports, testing, and IEPs aside and focus on the present; but organizing those documents and looking back is essential to ensuring your child’s IEP is effective. The first step in getting organized is making sure you have all the documents you need. Your file should include IEPs (both draft and final with all signatures), progress reports, evaluations, any communication between you and the school, and work samples. If you do not have all of [...]

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Creating a Special Education Paper Trail


Special education generates an enormous amount of paperwork. The longer your child is on an IEP, the more paperwork you will accumulate. It is essential that you organize and manage this paperwork. Take this job seriously, for without ready access to a complete history of the documents that describe your child’s experience with special education, you run the risk of missing important opportunities. Why Organize Your Papers Planning for the future by organizing your documents now doesn’t come naturally for most parents of children in special education. By necessity, you are intensely focused on just managing the present. How are you [...]

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The Power of Routine in a Multi-Tasking World


As a society, we seem to be in a constant state of multi-tasking. We watch television, surf the Web, and talk on the phone simultaneously. Meanwhile, we have dinner in the oven, and are watching the kids on the swing set out the kitchen window. In today’s modern world, sometimes it’s just unavoidable. We want to teach our children the importance of listening, paying attention, and following directions, but it can be tricky when we’re not always leading by example. We forget that these skills are not innate—they must be learned. Of course, not all learning is done in a classroom. [...]

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Back to School Tips


We’ve gathered a few of our favorite back-to-school tips to help ease the transition. Before School Starts Review all school information, fill out permission slips, and send in contact information Mark your calendar and note important dates, especially back to school nights and arrange for babysitters if children attend different schools Make copies of your child’s health and emergency information Turn the TV off and encourage children to do quiet games like puzzles or playing with flash cards Designate a place to do homework and a place to put school bags so they are not forgotten Get to know the [...]

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