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Our Executive Function Program

Commonwealth Learning Center’s curriculum for teaching study skills is carefully structured to sequentially build new skills on learned ones, including how to organize time, materials, and information. Our study skills program begins with an assessment of each student’s current study habits and a learning styles inventory. The teacher then uses this information to tailor instruction to capitalize on the student’s strengths. The Landmark Master Notebook System, a two-column method of note-taking, enables the student to take effective notes from oral and written sources. Students learn to find a selection’s main idea, to paraphrase, and to write summaries, reports and research papers. Teachers address textbook reading skills, preparing for tests, and test-taking strategies. Once students master basic study skills, they learn how to apply the newly learned strategies to their current academic studies.

This method is particularly effective for students who:

  • Have difficulty organizing materials
  • Have trouble completing assignments independently
  • Exhibit inconsistent homework quality
  • Have difficulty planning and executing multi-step projects such as research papers
  • Receive poor test grades despite understanding the topic
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