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We provide writing and grammar instruction to fit the individual needs of each student. Lessons are designed to teach all levels of writing from the fundamentals of sentence construction to paragraph development to essay writing.

Some students need to learn or review the basic grammar rules of the language. This is usually taught in conjunction with teaching other composition skills.

Project Read®: Framing Your Thoughts

Project Read®: Framing Your Thoughts  is a language arts program for students who need a systematic learning experience with direct teaching of concepts and skills through multisensory techniques.

The foundation of written expression is the basic sentence. This program is designed to build mastery of sentence structure,  paragraph development, and composition. Sentence structure is presented sequentially, addressing the four types of sentences: simple, compound, complex, and compound-complex. Students manipulate materials to create sentences and learn to diagram sentences. Comprehension skills grow as the student learns about the structure of written language. This program is appropriate for students of all ages.

This method is particularly effective for students who:

  • Have difficulty understanding grammar and the functions of parts of speech
  • Write run-on or incomplete sentences
  • Often use the same sentence structure when writing

Have difficulty organizing a paragraph and writing longer compositions

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