Books That Celebrate Those Who Learn Differently


Dyslexia Awareness Month has us thinking about our bright and resilient students who work so hard to succeed despite learning differences. We have come up with a list of uplifting books that celebrate this spirit of tenacity. Happy reading! The Back to Front World of Azzie Artbuckle  Written by Beth Montgomery Azzie wishes she could spend every day at school drawing and painting, but the teachers make her read. The trouble is, she struggles tremendously to read letters, words, and numbers. This makes her feel stupid. But she knows that she isn’t. Recommended for Grades 1-2 Help! Somebody Get me Out of Fourth [...]

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Language Games For Your Summer Road Trips


Planning a family road trip this month? When you want your child to take a tech break, here are some engaging language activities that require little preparation and are sure to bring out the giggles: Tell Me a Word That Rhymes With… Phonological skills—rhyming, syllabication, blending, and segmenting—are vital “playing with sound” skills for reading and spelling success. Try some summer theme words to practice rhyming skills. See how many rhyming words your child can generate for your target word. Nonsense words are allowed! For example: Pool: stool, rule, fool, school, spool Ice: mice, twice, rice, price, slice Sunny: bunny, [...]

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A Teacher’s Wishlist for Her Students This Summer Break


Ahh, summer! That glorious season where life’s crazy fast pace slows down a bit. Teachers get some time off (of course, we’re still here all summer at CLC!) and kids get to be kids (for the most part). We all know that classic funny moment when a student happens to encounter his or her teacher at a non-school location, such as the grocery store, beach, or movie theater. It never fails to amaze the student that yes indeed, teachers are not always at school…although sometimes it does feel that way! We are never far away from thinking about our curriculum; how [...]

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It’s National Library Week!


This week, April 12-18, is National Library Week—an observance sponsored by the American Library Association and libraries across the country. Each April for nearly 60 years we have taken time to celebrate the contributions of our nation’s libraries and librarians, and to promote library use and support. Here at Commonwealth Learning Center we are grateful for a thriving library presence in our community. These institutions serve not only as a hub for literacy, learning, and so much more, but also as a home base for many of our tutoring services. Sending our teachers to local public and school libraries allows us to [...]

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