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The Future of Homework


Homework is part of the fabric of after school life for most families with school-age children. For some, it is the cause of immense frustration and even tears (from children and/or parents!). It comes as no surprise that a quick Amazon search on the subject of homework reveals such titles as Homework Without Tears, Ending the Homework Hassle, Homework Made Simple, and my favorite—How to Do Homework Without Throwing Up. Research about the value of homework is inconclusive. Some researchers find that homework increases stress and limits student’s extracurricular opportunities while it does not have a measurable impact on achievement.(1) (2) In contrast, there is research that notes [...]

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Dyslexia: A Student Case Study


When a child is diagnosed with dyslexia, parents often want to know what the road to reading and spelling success will look like.  While this road varies from child to child, there are certain landmarks that characterize the journey.  These include initial success with word attack which leads to improvement in automatic word recognition and eventually improvement in spelling.  The following case study describes one child and her experience.** Karen’s mother Anna came to Commonwealth Learning Center when Karen was in the middle of second grade.  Karen’s speech was remarkable for phoneme reversals – She said the word breakfast as bress-ket, the word animal as aminal, [...]

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