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What Can I Do?


Parents and guardians often feel at a loss when children are diagnosed with dyslexia, but this doesn’t need to be the case. Supporting a student with dyslexia can be easier with these home tips that are designed for students in mainstream classes. To begin with, you can help your child with time management: Map out more than the due dates. Note when to start working on each smaller piece of larger tasks. Break assignments—whether it’s a project or studying for tests—into smaller, more manageable pieces. There is scheduling and project management software to help with this, or color code a large wall calendar. First [...]

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A Parent’s Guide to Advocating for Middle & High School Students with Dyslexia


Parents and guardians are invested in helping their children with dyslexia learn and grow, but they also might not know how to help them thrive in school. These are some quick tips for accommodations in the classroom: Extra time on tests. For a number of students with dyslexia, the information is there; however, it may take them longer to retrieve it than neurotypical readers due to slower processing skills. Advocate for additional time on tests so your children can display their depth of knowledge. Shorter assignments. Students with dyslexia are often working significantly harder than their non-dyslexic peers to produce the [...]

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Strengths of the Dyslexic Mind


“The single most important implication of research in dyslexia is not ensuring that we don’t derail the development of a future Leonardo or Edison; it is making sure that we do not miss the potential of any child. Not all children with dyslexia have extraordinary talents, but every one of them has a unique potential that all too often goes unrealized because we don’t know how to tap it.” —Maryanne Wolf, Proust and the Squid(1) Too often we focus solely on remediation for students with dyslexia; while that’s critical, it also is important to recognize the many strengths that individuals with dyslexia possess. Most [...]

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