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Academic Success and ADHD


Staying in their seats until given permission to get up, raising their hands before talking, paying attention when the teacher speaks, following directions to complete repetitive work within time constraints, and becoming increasingly independent and organized are all hurdles the student with ADHD faces—hurdles which can prevent them from meeting academic success. Experts suggest that many of the school problems experienced by children with ADHD do not result solely from the biological factors that underlie the disorder, but from a disparity between the child and the learning environment. Some suggest that a shift needs to occur away from accommodating these students’ weaknesses to [...]

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Common Misconceptions about Dyslexia


Given this age of information, we should have a distinct picture of what constitutes a diagnosis of dyslexia. Surprisingly, however, many misconceptions still persist about this condition. The following are some common myths and the truth behind them: Myth: You can tell a person is dyslexic because they see words backwards or in reverse. Truth: All young readers up to second grade can have persistent reversals when reading. Many children reverse their letters when learning to write, regardless of whether or not they have dyslexia. Reversing letters or words is not a sure sign of dyslexia. Moreover, a child can be [...]

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Early Indicators of a Reading Difficulty


Does my child or student have a reading difficulty? This question can arise as early as the preschool years when children begin receiving instruction in early literacy skills. Given that fifteen to twenty percent of the population has a reading disability, it is important for educators, as well as parents, to be knowledgeable about the early warning signs of such a difficulty so that proper intervention can be implemented immediately and effectively. Delayed language development, articulation problems, or frequent ear infections can be the first clues to a reading problem. Signs to look for in a child to ensure they are [...]

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