Our Private Reading & Math Tutors Are Specialized in Helping Pawtucket Students With Learning Challenges Including Dyslexia, ADHD, Language-Based Learning Disabilities, and More

The Commonwealth Learning Center (CLC) is a non-profit educational center established in 1988 by the Stratford Foundation. We provide one-to-one teaching, assisting students from Pawtucket and beyond, using a customized plan to meet the needs of each student.

kids doing activities at CLC tutoring centerOur teachers have special expertise in working with students who have learning disabilities, including dyslexia, ADHD, language-based learning disabilities, non-verbal learning disabilities, and executive function difficulties. Our team also offers educational assessments.

The CLC offers programs for students in kindergarten through twelfth grade, for college students, and for adults who wish to improve their basic skills. Tutoring services are available in reading, writing, math, exam preparation, academic support, and study skills. Our educators are highly skilled and trained in methods that have been proven to be particularly effective for students who struggle to learn through traditional curriculum materials.

From learning to master their note-taking skills to strengthening their understanding of how to be successful with learning differences such as dyslexia or ADHD, our students thrive in our relaxed and supportive teaching environment.

Commonwealth Learning Center
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Here are some of the services we offer our Pawtucket students:

  • Orton-Gillingham
  • Testing and Diagnostic Program
  • Elementary Tutoring
  • SAT, PSAT, SSAT, and ISEE Exam Preparation
  • Dyslexia Tutoring Specialists
  • College Prep
  • GED Test Prep
  • Tutoring Programs
  • Tutoring Services for Adults
  • TouchMath®
  • Wilson Reading System
  • Educational Services
  • Test Preparation
  • Study Skills Program
  • Advanced Math Tutors
  • Tutoring
  • Tutoring Services for Kids
  • Educational Assessments
  • On Cloud Nine® Math
  • Tutoring for Learning Differences
  • The Landmark Method for Teaching Arithmetic
  • MCAS Test Preparation
  • Project Read® Reading Comprehension
  • Elementary Math Tutor
  • Local Tutoring Services


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Tailored Tutoring Sessions in Pawtucket, Rhode Island at Commonwealth Learning Center
Our top four specialized offerings
Initiating the CLC Journey: Educational Assessments
Our Pawtucket Reading Tutoring Program
Exploring Orton-Gillingham
Understanding The Wilson Reading System
Insight into The Lindamood Phoneme Sequencing™ Program
Unveiling Nancibell® Visualizing & Verbalizing®
Guiding Pawtucket Students through Math Tutoring
Assisting Pawtucket Students with Test Readiness
CLC Tutoring Presents Numerous Student Advantages in Pawtucket, Rhode Island
Take the Initial Step and Reach Out to Us for Your Complimentary Assessment
Distinguishing ADD vs ADHD: Is There a Difference?
Diagnosing ADD and ADHD in Pawtucket Children
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Tailored Tutoring Sessions in Pawtucket, Rhode Island at Commonwealth Learning Center

Commonwealth Learning Center (CLC) distinguishes itself among other tutoring centers in Pawtucket, Rhode Island, offering an array of advantages. While other tutoring services opt for group settings, our focus is on personalized attention, delivering individualized support. At CLC, we acknowledge the uniqueness of each student, along with their distinct learning objectives and challenges. Within a nurturing and relaxed setting, we extend empathetic aid to students spanning from kindergarten to adulthood.

We present an ideal solution for students requiring extra assistance to overcome obstacles, including those with diverse learning requirements. Students grappling with various learning hurdles such as ADHD, executive function issues, non-verbal learning disabilities, dyslexia, and language-based learning disabilities seek our assistance. Our instructors possess advanced degrees in special education, mathematics, and reading, and are certified to educate students with learning differences.

Our top four specialized offerings:

Initiating the CLC Journey: Educational Assessments

Early intervention profoundly impacts a child’s academic progress and overall life. Therefore, CLC extends educational evaluations in Pawtucket, Rhode Island, to identify potential learning disabilities in students and determine their most effective learning style. These assessments wield the potential to revolutionize a student’s comprehension of previously challenging concepts.

For all new clients, we offer a complimentary consultation with the CLC director, involving an analysis of past exams and outcomes. This helps us recognize a student’s strengths and weaknesses, enabling us to devise a tailored teaching plan that caters to their specific needs. Following the assessment, the student and their parents will receive a comprehensive report highlighting areas of difficulty and proposing suitable programs and approaches.

Our Pawtucket Reading Tutoring Program

Cultivating strong literacy skills can pose a challenge for young learners in Pawtucket, Rhode Island. At CLC, we foster improved reading prowess through a selection of accredited programs with a proven track record in enhancing reading skills. These programs effectively address conditions that impede reading, such as dyslexia. Some of our reading programs comprise:

  • Exploring Orton-Gillingham

This program offers an excellent solution for students struggling to connect sounds with corresponding letters and facing hesitancy while reading sentences. It employs a phonetic approach to teach students the foundational elements of the English language, starting from there.

  • Understanding The Wilson Reading System

The Wilson Reading System presents a comprehensive 12-step curriculum aiding individuals who grapple with spelling difficulties and struggle to read words in isolation, without contextual cues. The program surpasses phonics, ensuring learners grasp each stage fully before advancing, resulting in reading and writing success.

  • Insight into The Lindamood Phoneme Sequencing™ Program

Referred to as LiPS, this phonetically rooted program guides students in learning the accurate articulation of words before translating them into writing. Educators employing this program demonstrate the formation of specific letters and words using the lips, tongue, and mouth.

  • Unveiling Nancibell® Visualizing & Verbalizing®

This program adopts a visual approach to assist students in constructing mental images while reading and writing, thereby enhancing memory retention of concepts. Participants in this program acquire the capability to excel in various subject areas beyond reading and writing.

Guiding Pawtucket Students through Math Tutoring

At CLC, we offer math tutoring for learners of all ages and proficiency levels in Pawtucket, Rhode Island, aiding them in achieving their best outcomes in mathematics. Whether mastering elementary school math fundamentals or tackling high school calculus, our distinctive math programs empower students to grasp problem-solving formulas and solutions. We also guide students in creating a personalized manual of math formulas, reinforcing their acquired concepts.

Children assimilate mathematical concepts more effectively through visual and hands-on experiences with numbers. This is why we incorporate the TouchMath program, allowing students to physically interact with numbers, facilitate addition, subtraction, and multiplication operations.

Assisting Pawtucket Students with Test Readiness

We recognize that test-taking can be a source of stress for many students in Pawtucket, Rhode Island, especially when these exams bear significant weight for college or private high school admissions. Our customized teaching methodology ensures thorough preparation for exams like the MCAS, SAT, PSAT, SSAT, and others. Our in-depth familiarity with the challenging questions in these exams stems from the comprehensive study.

Additionally, we aid adult learners in preparing for their GED exams, enabling them to attain their high school equivalency and unlock a wider array of job prospects.

CLC Tutoring Presents Numerous Student Advantages in Pawtucket, Rhode Island

CLC provides several convenient amenities in Pawtucket, Rhode Island, including ample parking at all our locations. Our centers feature cutting-edge computer models and contemporary facilities. All students enjoy access to private study spaces, ensuring an uninterrupted learning environment.

Our tutors all undergo background checks, and we employ both part-time and full-time specialists. Our instructors specialize in multisensory programs.

In specific situations, students may qualify for financial aid for tutoring services, and clients with siblings receive a 10% tuition reduction. Students are not bound by contracts and can remain with us for the duration of their guidance needs.

Take the Initial Step and Reach Out to Us for Your Complimentary Assessment

Are you ready to support your child on their educational journey? Contact us to arrange a complimentary assessment.

Distinguishing ADD vs ADHD: Is There a Difference?

ADD and ADHD are terms that can often cause confusion. Do they carry the same meaning?
Yes and no. Historically, ADD (attention deficit disorder) and ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) were regarded as separate diagnoses. ADD refers to symptoms that lack hyperactivity, manifesting as withdrawal, spaciness, difficulty concentrating, and challenges following instructions. ADHD, on the other hand, was characterized by excessive energy, constant talking, and hyperactive behavior.

However, in contemporary terms, ADD is deemed outdated, while ADHD is the recognized label encompassing behaviors signifying an inability to focus, irrespective of whether hyperactivity is present. Therefore, attention deficit disorder in children now falls within the scope of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Nonetheless, some medical professionals might still use ADD or ADHD to describe a child’s specific condition to prevent confusion.

Diagnosing ADD and ADHD in Pawtucket Children

Is there a specialized ADD symptoms test or ADHD evaluation conducted by doctors for diagnosing these conditions in children? Surprisingly, there isn’t a single test for diagnosing ADD or ADHD. Instead, your child’s physician will conduct interviews with you, your child’s teachers, relatives, and other adults in regular contact to ascertain

whether their symptoms align with ADD or ADHD. The diagnosis follows established guidelines from the American Academy of Pediatrics or the American Psychiatric Association’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM). Additionally, your child will undergo vision and hearing assessments, alongside a comprehensive physical examination to rule out other medical conditions that might exhibit symptoms similar to those of ADD and ADHD.

If your child receives a diagnosis for either condition, it’s imperative to inform their educators, enabling collaborative efforts to make recommendations and enhance your child’s focus within the classroom.

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