7 Quick and Easy Study Strategies


I have researched and adapted study skill strategies from books and seminars, colleagues and classmates, and also from the many students I have taught over the years. Those I am sharing here have proven themselves to be quick to learn, easy to apply, and have been rated by my students as the most effective and useful to them in preparing for their weekly tests and quizzes at school. You will find these strategies useful for the most common types of tests or quizzes students face: teacher-made, content specific assessments that evaluate basic knowledge and understanding. These strategies teach students to [...]

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Reading Strategies for College Entrance Exams


The reading passages on the SAT and the ACT are very different, and to further compound the situation the SAT test will be changing format beginning with the March 2016 tests. However, many reading strategies will be beneficial no matter which test your student takes. The first strategy to consider is engagement. It is unlikely that most students will have a motivated interest in reading the content of the passages on the test. Therefore, it is important to go into the test with at least one strategy to increase engagement with reading passages. Students should first read any introductory blurb that precedes [...]

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Test Prep Tips: Avoiding Pitfalls of Student Entrance Exams


Fall is the season when many students are taking aptitude tests for entrance to a private Catholic high school or a four year college. The SATs are used for college entrance, but private high schools may use tests like the COOP (Cooperative Admissions Examination), and HSPT (Scholastic Testing Service High School Placement Test). The material covered usually falls into verbal skills (vocabulary, reading, comprehension) and mathematics. The acronyms and content are not as important as the fact that these tests are stressful by the very nature of their design. That is to say, these tests challenge students’ abilities well above [...]

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